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The Lupe Fiasco vs Pete Rock Beef Debate

No question, this is one of the most frustrating debates I’ve ever been apart of. Never have so many people “missed the point” when it came to isolating the problem.

Now I always expect the fans of any artist in the wrong to jump to their defense. But normally, (and thankfully) the artist in the hot seat are so out of pocket, the wrong in question is out in the open and the stans have to work to ignore the obvious.

In this situation though, there was so much crap surrounding the ultimate issue, even people who weren’t Lupe supporters couldn’t see the problem with Lupe’s actions. So lets just wrap this up.

1) THIS ISN’T ABOUT SAMPLING - Hip-Hop has always taken from other forms of music and flipped them. No big deal unless you get sued. And yes, rappers get sued when the sample is too big or the clearance isn’t granted. Ask Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz. But when you take from another Hip-Hop song with the intention of making money (IE: your 1st single off your new album that’s on iTunes), it should be with the blessing/involvement of the original producer. Which is why Pete’s been involved anytime someone has used Reminisce. According to Pete, after granting his blessing with the condition that he got approval over the final version, he didn’t hear the song until after it was released. Foul = Lupe  

2) THIS DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH A SAMPLE. - People couldn’t seem to get around this one, saying that Pete doesn’t have any right to get angry over a sample he doesn’t own. Even LUPE ducked behind it. But the fact is Pete flipped a sample, a small piece of Todd Scott’s original track. Lupe however tripped up, after ranting about not being able to clear said sample that “can’t even be cleared” has TOLD us that he and Chilly, his producer, recreated Pete Rock’s beat. That means the plan was never to sample Todd Scotts original song, it was to do Pete Rocks song with the Todd Scott sample in it. I don’t know what school you come from, but in the one I’m from, that’s called biting. Foul = Lupe

3) THIS DOESN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HOMAGE - One of the other pleas being copped by Lupe is that he wanted to pay homage to the original and “breath new life into a classic.” Smh… people, for the last time, paying homage means that you give respect to the original. But Lupe’s version has no references to Pete Rock & CL Smooth. No shouts to Pete or CL,  no mention of the group, no quotes from the original, not even the same topic… Think about it like this, if a 16 year old kid, never heard Reminisce by Pete Rock and CL Smooth, and then he stumbled across Freedom Ain’t Free by Lupe Fiasco, would that 16 year old KNOW where Lupe got it from? Nope. Foul = Lupe

Aight that’s enough

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