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HOUSEGANG Before I get into this, I gotta #Salute the #Housegang for landing the cover of The Source. Anybody who knows the full history between me and these guys (I’ll explain later) can dig how deep this is and why. All I say is better late than never. LOL! Good shit guys..

Now, back to the road…


Tonight was the last night of the US tour and I needed to go out with a boom. The next move for the #Housegang was running to Europe and there was no way I was gonna make that move. I got hit up for music after every show and all I had to give was T-shirts and some website links. If being on the road taught me anything, it was that a tour with nothing to promote was not the business. I didn’t want to have to learn how to say “Sorry, I don’t have any CD’s” in French or German and be a bi-lingual loser. So the plan was to finish I Can Explain..! shoot a video or 3 and be ready to roll for the next swing. But that was the plan for after tonight. The plan for this evening was to tear down with the boys and mash out like its my last.

And tonight’s victim was Northern Lights

Writings On The Wall

Me and DJ LoKash rolled up still pumped from Lupos and the line outside the spot told us this could be the kind of night ya make memories out of. I even had a hand-full of folks out front shouting my song titles out and giving me fives when I was walking up! I can honestly say we we’re off to a good start tonight…

Bring Em Out

Sold out gig, high spirits, fans in the crowd already, I was feeling invincible when I got to security! Buut where would my life on the road be without some form of fuckery…?

Dude, that train is never late.

We walked up, introduced ourselves to main promoter, let him know we we’re the opening act, and he gives us the “WTF face” and here’s why. See, most folks outside of the music business are under the impression that dudes who throw shows find the best local talent that they can to accompany the headliner so the audience can see the best show possible. That’s what people believe because that’s the way it should be and it only makes sense.

But some promoters start seeing dollar signs and do what this one did, rather than look for and audition local talent for the night, this promoter sold the opening slots at the show to anyone who had the bread. They didn’t have to be good, they just had to have the money. So thanks to him, the crowd now has to sit through 8 opening acts before I got on stage and since quality wasn’t a factor, lets just say a lot of them were not ready to be onstage.

After a bit of back and forth with said promoter, I hop on the phone and connect him with SL management. After he talks to dude, I get back on the line: Mecc, I had no idea there were this many people on the bill. It’s some bullshit. I don’t want you to do it, there’s no way I would ask you to go on after all those people. It’s on you but I don’t like it and wouldn’t do it if I were you, that’s just too many motherfuckers… the crowd is gonna be pissed off. I don’t want them taking it out on you.

Now I could sit here and tell you guys about the way these thoughts were going through my head. About how I told them I’d make a game-time decision. About how I just wasn’t sure if it was the smart move. How I didn’t know if my stage show could win over a crowd of frustrated fans that had just been forced to sitstand though a assembly line of lackluster MC’s.

I could tell yall about that, but It’d be a lie.


Instead of hesitating, I repeated my grandmothers favorite quote bout moving forward.. I ain’t come this far to turn back now and proceeded to tear that crowd DOWN.

Work The Angles

And if this was gonna be my last day on the road with these dudes, then it was gonna take more than a janky promoter to stop me from finishing what I started.

Spotlight Love

This was my test and opportunity to get the one thing I’d always asked for. A chance to show and prove. And thanks to these guys…

House Gang

I got it.

Shout out to everyone in the #Slaughterhouse Machine. Th trip was amazing and I cant wait to do it again. Maybe next time, you guys can open up for ME! LoL!

J/K!! (not really…)

Till next time yall….

I Can Explain..! coming soon


Wilbur Theater, Boston MA #Slaughterhouse

I should have written this awhile ago… And better late than never, just sounds like bullshit so I’ll just get started.

For those that didn’t get the memo (as in damn near all of yall) MrMecc was added to the Our House tour and named the official opening act for Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden & Royce Da 5’9” a.k.a. Shady Records very own Slaughterhouse.

slaughterhouse logo Pictures, Images and Photos

(Dramatic pause for applause….)

That’s right true believers! After a lot of hustle and even more slick talking, the support YOU GUYS gave to my single #JBF and to #JumpOffTV put ya man on the radar of one of the most lyrical groups in existence. Now all I have to do is go out in front of a thousand plus people, used to high levels of lyricism, night after night and keep them happy and amped before four of the most gifted wordsmiths of the genre who were personally signed by Marshall Mathers hit the stage…

Full House Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

…Nah, no pressure though.

Now I’ve TONS of shows and the tour was 43 dates strong but there was something about The Wilbur Theater in Boston told me tonight was going to be special… It started off normal enough. After getting a fresh cut coutesy of the hometown hero @JThaS (#Salute) I hit the venue, told security who I was, got escorted over and grabbed my credentials from will call…

Credentials Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

…slid over to the stage to double-check my set time..

Picture that Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

and after pointing out and correcting a quick mistake (I had 20 min, not 15) everything was all gravy! The music was ready, the sound-system sounded good and the place was sold-out. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more…

And then, it happened. I was sitting by the side of the stage about to crack open my bag when I got approached by one of the production hands. I was already reaching for my all-access pass when the conversation took a very, very unexpected turn…

Excuse me, Mr Mecc?

"Yep, That’s me!"

"Hi! I’m Denise, I’m doing production for the show. How are you?"

"Oh nice to meet you! And I’m groovey thanks! What’s the deal? Is everything ok?"

"Oh sure! I just wanted to see if you’re ready to go to your dressing room."

"… I’m sorry, my… what?"

"We have your dressing room ready, let me show you to it…."

"Um, I’m not in Slaughterhouse…"

" Oh I know, theirs is downstairs. Just follow me.

Dude, the next thing I know, for the 1st time in my career, I was standing inside my own freaking dressing room!!!

Dressing Rm Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

Now there was no question I had some things I needed to do, swap gear, charge my phone, double check my songs.. but I’m not gonna lie. Before any of that I stood there for a few minutes and let the coolness of the moment sink in… and proceeded to CHEESE like my mama called me cute!!

I took full advantage, got nice and comfy and switched into my official custom show shirt, complete with my Twitter name, courtesy of my dude @Phetus88. I don’t normally take pics of myself, but I figured being that I was in MY DRESSING ROOM and all… I could do that. #Swag

Stage Gear Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

Yeah, I was FULLY on my Kanye mindset, the only thing that you could tell me was absolutey NOTHING. I know its seems like a small thing, but I couldnt help feeling like I was on the right track. My name on the door just felt like I was being… verified, if that makes any sense. After years of standing in other peopIes or sharing with other artist, I felt as if this space wasn’t given to me, I’d earned my way into that room and now, I was gonna go on stage and prove it. I went in front of that crowd with a determination to earn my place with them too.

So After I did THIS…

…it was on to THIS…

Crowd Control, Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.


After the show... its the afterparty!

Which ended with THIS..

Nice shirts fellas! Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

I think it’s Mission Accomplished… what do YOU think?? LOL! Afterglow Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse. I’d need it, the next stop was kinda rough, but hey…

I Can Explain..!


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