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JUMPOFF TV DEBATE: Riri & Breezy Trainwreck =

You know, what actually got me about this debate was more the topic at the end. The question was asked is Rihana a hoe. It made me really start thinking. How do women REALLY earn these labels?

And I don’t even mean her alone. Rihana, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose… how do these women just snag the hoe tag out of basically thin air? I mean, lets honesty look at the facts…

Amber: Kanye West, Wiz Kahlifah

Rihana: Chris Brown, Drake (maybe), The NFL cat.

Kim K: Ray J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphires, Kanye West.

These are in fact the ONLY men mentioned with these women. We’re assuming they’ve had sex with em, but a look at the list and the history shows that 90% of these were actual relationships. And please miss me with the talk of Kim’s sex tape. She and her boyfriend filmed themselves gettin busy. PLENTY of couples do/have done that… It just so happens that yours didn’t leak. And newsflash, if it did, its would NOT make the news because nobody would give a shit because you ain’t famous. So again where’s the hoe role? When exactly does 4 men (tops) transform into “she’s fucked everybody.”


If you’re over twenty years old fellas, chances are, the same applies to you… including your girlfriend now. You just don’t know how many or who because she ain’t famous and nobody cares enough to tell you and unless the number was outlandish or you were already unhappy it probably wouldn’t matter anyway.

Fellas’ is your ego so fragile, your self confidence so shaky, that you can’t handle the concept/reality that your/any woman has been with more than just you? ESPECIALLY knowing that her number probably doesn’t hold a candle to yours.

Ladies, with all the dirt you’ve done or freaky-deaky you’ve pulled off for that special (or not so special) guy, the stuff you pray never goes public that your BFF doesn’t even know about, are you really going to judge a woman who’s confirmed count is lower than or equal to yours?

So again I’ll ask, are these women really hoes? And if so… compared to who??

But hey… I’m just talkin. What do I know?

I Can Explain…! Coming soon


Toads Place, New Haven CT #Slaughterhouse


After burning it down in Boston, meeting a ton of new people and making some new fans it was time to hit the road and head to the next spot. I won’t front, after everything that popped off at Wilbur Theater, I had some pretty high hopes for New Haven spot and couldn’t WAIT to get there. I just KNEW this was gonna be an AWESOME day… And then the day became an exercise in Murphys Law… The sound was the 1st thing to go south. My normal guy @DJSammyNeedlz was pre-booked and couldn’t make it out. So I had to call my guy Mo Nicklez to come through and hold me down. Great idea till he told me he was booked up too! Travel was the 2nd thing to go south. Traveling from Boston the, the rise was supposed to be about three hours tops. I figured Since my set time was at 9pm, I could leave at 3:30 pm and be there as the club was opening up. Yeah that plan went to shit as soon as I hit the station and saw the ONE bus I wanted was done due to traffic and the only one I could get would have my pulling in at 9pm exactly. So not only might I miss my set time, but my secret plan to catch game three of the Knicks/Heat series was fading fast… FML Now I’m not gonna front like everything was all dark everything… I the bus was on time, there was no traffic and thanks to the Slaughter boys running a bit behind, I got a call letting me know my set time was pushed back to 9:30 so I’d be on time. I got a call from Mo telling me that even though he couldn’t cover it, his boy DJ LoKash was in. Turns out I’d done a drop for him many moons ago that he’d just used in a DMC competition and dug my shit! I even managed to catch some of the playoffs during the layover and the Knicks were winning! I really convinced myself things were looking up…

…riiight up until I hit the club.

, Toads Place

Me and Lo hit the spot at about 9:10 and get led downstairs to the performers area. But instead of going over the songs and prepping the set, we had these two dudes already down there to deal with. They were cool but one of them talked NON-STOP continuously the whole time we were down there… You know the kind of unrelenting, staccato machine-gun, tsunami of bullshit that you join in with just to try and end? That was him. This dude didnt stop until we go the call to hit the stage and the last thing he said was “Yo, I’m taking tonight pictures so I’m gonna be on stage with yall too!!”

Oh Joy…

Then there was the crowd… Toads Place.. shook

Standing by the side of the stage I could see the natives were restless. I had gone up to check em during another opening acts set and saw that they weren’t getting a lot of love and the crowd was pretty fed up with them. To make matters worse, the group kept shouting to the crowd “Make some noise for Slaughterhouse!!!!” because it always got a reaction. Then while I’m standing at the side of the stage waiting for my cue, the house DJ starts doing the same thing! “Y’ALL READY FOR SLAUGHTERHOUSE?!?!?!” What a fuckin setup…

Hell No


I just gotta say this. To any DJ, opening act or show host, Never, evER, EVER shout out the headliner like they’re about to come out unless they are. If you’re an opener, the crowd is NOT CHEERING for YOU, they ARE cheering for the HEADLINER. All you’re doing is reminding the crowd that you aren’t them. If you’re a DJ and your doing it, all doing is hurting the momentum of the act that’s coming out next and disappointing the crowd when they see they’ve got another opener to go through.

Which brings us to my set, or as I’ve come to call it, The Day After Tomorrow… Natives Are Restless, Toads Place Slaughterhouse.

From the door, things didn’t look good for our hero. The act before me wasn’t getting any love from the crowd (as you can see) and had pretty much left them fed up with openers in general… even though they were only the 2nd act out. To make matters worse, while I’m standing on the side of the stage waiting for my cue, the DJ damn-near starts a Slaughterhouse chant with the audience knowing that I was coming out next!! I shouted at Lo, and ran out to do damage control and salvage the shit-show my set was becoming. I cracked one good joke about how I was NOT Slaughterhouse but I Windex Royce’s glasses and jumped right into the 1st song. I figure I had about 90% of the crowd rocking with me so I figured I’d shout out the city to get that last 10. So I started to say how I came a long way to rock in Hartford….

…but I was in New Haven. FML!!!

90% turned to 30% and the boos started. Big, loud, angry, ugly obnoxious boos that seem to come from everywhere at once, giving me 0 chances to play it off. So I stood there and let the 1st boos of my career sink in with a smile. I went into survival mode and did what anybody with their back to the wall would… I improvised.

The DJ came up behind me and said “We’re in New Haven dog!” in my ear and I used it to get back in the saddle. I rattled off a quick joke set about how I was under pressure from 2 baby mamas and 4 baby daddies and how my kids big wheel just got repo’d. As soon as they started laughing I went into song 2.

Long story short, after clowning somebodies mom in the crowd, out-heckling my hecklers, pulling a chick on stage to dance with and basically pulling out all the stops, I got back to about 80%. It was an uphill battle for real but when i was all said and done, I got a lot of love from the crowd, sold a bunch of shirts and even got a shout from the local radio station for “pulling his set back from the brink of death.” I learned a couple of things that night.

1) Comedy beats screw-ups

2) Avoid motormouth mu-fuckas before the set

3) Even though this pic sums up the reaction of the crowd after I got off stage…. 

Nice Shirt Toads Place Slaughterhouse.

…next time, I’ll just shout out the damn venue.

Next up, Lupos Heartbreak Hotel, R.I.

The Saga Continues

JumpoffTV: Did Nas handle his parenting problems wrong?

I can already see the women wanting to dismantle me over this one. Well you’re too late, @JasFly already go started during the episode… smh And although I (kinda) understood where she was coming from, I couldn’t have disagreed more. Now true 17 is not a grown woman and T&A all over the place do NOT an adult make, but I am not about to sit here and tell the world that a 17yr old isn’t old enough to make certain choices and live with the consequences.

I think she should consider herself lucky, plenty of people are put in situations where they have to grow up preeety quick. And, in my SUPER humble opinion, by jumping into the spotlight an talking so greasy… she put herself in one.

But hey, what do I know…

I Can Explain… coming soon



Here’s the thing… some people just don’t pay attention, even when you are in fact talking about them or something they’re interested in.Case in point, this Azealia Banks video. I took one look at the comments section and just shook my head.

Now of course there are always gonna be stans who show up and ride hard on behalf of the artist they feel we slandered. They’re basically super-dedicated and delusional  fans who can’t or wont understand how anyone can see ANYTHING negative in what their artist does.

Then there’s the “don’t hate” crew. These cats may not even be fans, but can’t stand it when anyone talks negative about somebody in the spotlight. To answer that, they negative about the folks they’re mad at. Clever huh? lol

But then.. there are those cats that just don’t seem to listen to what’s being said right in front of them. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how folks will just hear shit that hasnt been said! They comment on things we didn’t say while ignoring what was actually said, give us all credit for stances we don’t all have…

All I’m saying is PLEASE LISTEN. And after seeing her react like this on twitter ” “just watched some vid where this group of people enthusiastically bashed me for ten minutes. Lol they’re opinions changed like 4 diff times” and then ERASE it because she realized she was proving us right, this goes for you too Ms. Banks.

Can Rick Ross Resurrect Ma$e & Omarion?

I’m not mad at the concept of signing Omarion and Mase… it’s actually a step up from the cats he’s gone after lately. No real disrespect to the other cats on MMG, but these are two former franchise artists who went hard in their respective times.  If you think Mase didnt damn near sink Bad Boy after he retired you’re buggin. And B2K was never really seriously replaced after O bounced. So while it may seem like a stretch to some, I can kinda see the vision on this one.

I guess my only question is, when is Ross, or ANYBODY for that matter, actually going to break a brand new artist? Pulling somebody out of thin air seems to be an overall lost art in the rap business. Even if it looks like that, a few looks in and you find out they’re related to somebody or used to have a deal and lost it… Where the hell did the A&R’s vanish too? Why are the people who make the decisions basing them strictly on numbers? Do you realize that the best artists music’s ever offered have come out of the blue? I get wanting to make a sound investment and I wont knock it. But man… SOMEBODY has to try and legitimately DISCOVER new talent instead of rehashing the old.

Or maybe labels will just keep doing this till we all die… and we’ll let em. What do I know?

Rock On Ross… Rock on.

I Can Explain..! Coming soon


Wilbur Theater, Boston MA #Slaughterhouse

I should have written this awhile ago… And better late than never, just sounds like bullshit so I’ll just get started.

For those that didn’t get the memo (as in damn near all of yall) MrMecc was added to the Our House tour and named the official opening act for Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Joe Budden & Royce Da 5’9” a.k.a. Shady Records very own Slaughterhouse.

slaughterhouse logo Pictures, Images and Photos

(Dramatic pause for applause….)

That’s right true believers! After a lot of hustle and even more slick talking, the support YOU GUYS gave to my single #JBF and to #JumpOffTV put ya man on the radar of one of the most lyrical groups in existence. Now all I have to do is go out in front of a thousand plus people, used to high levels of lyricism, night after night and keep them happy and amped before four of the most gifted wordsmiths of the genre who were personally signed by Marshall Mathers hit the stage…

Full House Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

…Nah, no pressure though.

Now I’ve TONS of shows and the tour was 43 dates strong but there was something about The Wilbur Theater in Boston told me tonight was going to be special… It started off normal enough. After getting a fresh cut coutesy of the hometown hero @JThaS (#Salute) I hit the venue, told security who I was, got escorted over and grabbed my credentials from will call…

Credentials Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

…slid over to the stage to double-check my set time..

Picture that Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

and after pointing out and correcting a quick mistake (I had 20 min, not 15) everything was all gravy! The music was ready, the sound-system sounded good and the place was sold-out. I really couldn’t have asked for anything more…

And then, it happened. I was sitting by the side of the stage about to crack open my bag when I got approached by one of the production hands. I was already reaching for my all-access pass when the conversation took a very, very unexpected turn…

Excuse me, Mr Mecc?

"Yep, That’s me!"

"Hi! I’m Denise, I’m doing production for the show. How are you?"

"Oh nice to meet you! And I’m groovey thanks! What’s the deal? Is everything ok?"

"Oh sure! I just wanted to see if you’re ready to go to your dressing room."

"… I’m sorry, my… what?"

"We have your dressing room ready, let me show you to it…."

"Um, I’m not in Slaughterhouse…"

" Oh I know, theirs is downstairs. Just follow me.

Dude, the next thing I know, for the 1st time in my career, I was standing inside my own freaking dressing room!!!

Dressing Rm Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

Now there was no question I had some things I needed to do, swap gear, charge my phone, double check my songs.. but I’m not gonna lie. Before any of that I stood there for a few minutes and let the coolness of the moment sink in… and proceeded to CHEESE like my mama called me cute!!

I took full advantage, got nice and comfy and switched into my official custom show shirt, complete with my Twitter name, courtesy of my dude @Phetus88. I don’t normally take pics of myself, but I figured being that I was in MY DRESSING ROOM and all… I could do that. #Swag

Stage Gear Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

Yeah, I was FULLY on my Kanye mindset, the only thing that you could tell me was absolutey NOTHING. I know its seems like a small thing, but I couldnt help feeling like I was on the right track. My name on the door just felt like I was being… verified, if that makes any sense. After years of standing in other peopIes or sharing with other artist, I felt as if this space wasn’t given to me, I’d earned my way into that room and now, I was gonna go on stage and prove it. I went in front of that crowd with a determination to earn my place with them too.

So After I did THIS…

…it was on to THIS…

Crowd Control, Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.


After the show... its the afterparty!

Which ended with THIS..

Nice shirts fellas! Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse.

I think it’s Mission Accomplished… what do YOU think?? LOL! Afterglow Wilbur Theater SlaughterHouse. I’d need it, the next stop was kinda rough, but hey…

I Can Explain..!


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