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When is a Feature Not a Cosign?

This whole vid brings me to another thought… when as an artist, do you turn down a feature? I don’t mean if you don’t have time, I mean if the guy is offering you a huge amount of cash, and he’s on fire as far as the mainstream is concerned but you think he absolutely SUCKS as an rapper and is a detriment to the culture.Then what?

Now on the one hand, the cash will be a good look, you can (and will) outshine the shit out of him on his own track an increase your audience. The cosign would put you further in the spotlight with the media and all would be right with the world…

But can you look at yourself in the mirror knowing that you basically sold out and cosigned an absolute TRASH-ASS rapper?

How much is a good nights sleep worth?

Eh… I’ll let you know.

I Can Explain..! on the way


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