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JUMPOFF TV DEBATE: Riri & Breezy Trainwreck =

You know, what actually got me about this debate was more the topic at the end. The question was asked is Rihana a hoe. It made me really start thinking. How do women REALLY earn these labels?

And I don’t even mean her alone. Rihana, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose… how do these women just snag the hoe tag out of basically thin air? I mean, lets honesty look at the facts…

Amber: Kanye West, Wiz Kahlifah

Rihana: Chris Brown, Drake (maybe), The NFL cat.

Kim K: Ray J, Reggie Bush, Kris Humphires, Kanye West.

These are in fact the ONLY men mentioned with these women. We’re assuming they’ve had sex with em, but a look at the list and the history shows that 90% of these were actual relationships. And please miss me with the talk of Kim’s sex tape. She and her boyfriend filmed themselves gettin busy. PLENTY of couples do/have done that… It just so happens that yours didn’t leak. And newsflash, if it did, its would NOT make the news because nobody would give a shit because you ain’t famous. So again where’s the hoe role? When exactly does 4 men (tops) transform into “she’s fucked everybody.”


If you’re over twenty years old fellas, chances are, the same applies to you… including your girlfriend now. You just don’t know how many or who because she ain’t famous and nobody cares enough to tell you and unless the number was outlandish or you were already unhappy it probably wouldn’t matter anyway.

Fellas’ is your ego so fragile, your self confidence so shaky, that you can’t handle the concept/reality that your/any woman has been with more than just you? ESPECIALLY knowing that her number probably doesn’t hold a candle to yours.

Ladies, with all the dirt you’ve done or freaky-deaky you’ve pulled off for that special (or not so special) guy, the stuff you pray never goes public that your BFF doesn’t even know about, are you really going to judge a woman who’s confirmed count is lower than or equal to yours?

So again I’ll ask, are these women really hoes? And if so… compared to who??

But hey… I’m just talkin. What do I know?

I Can Explain…! Coming soon


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